About us

Innom Kvitfjell en tur.
Innom Kvitfjell en tur.
We are a couple from Løten that shares the interest for animals and nature. We both had dogs before we met eachother, but as soon as we moved in toghether we chosed to get another litle familymember.  Catalina allready had Tira, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriver, and Janne had Aro, a  Cockapoo (mix between Cocker spaniel and puddel). Together we bought Mymmeli av Vintervidda, our first Finnish Lappdog. From here our adventure with the Finnish furballs started. 

Today we have a litle farm on the top of Løten. We breed Finnish Lappdogs and Nordlandhest/Lyngshest (Norwegian horsebreed). 2 Northern breeds.

We both work 100% outside the farm. Janne works in health care and in a school for mentally disabelled children. Catalina works in health care with mentaly disabelled youth in a group home. 

Vi takker Nina Eriksen for supre bilder av både folk og dyr. Hennes hjemmeside kan dere se på www.lolapagola.com