Bying a puppie from us

Our goal is that we breed healthy puppies, both fysically and mentally. We are approved by the FCI and the Norwegian Kennel Klub.  We follow the breeding standard from Norwegian Lapphundklubb and NKK.

Our puppies is delivered with a Passport, Chip, health check papers, assurence, a puppiebag from Agria, puppiebag from Orijen and registration with pedigree from NKK.

The Finnish Lappdog is a very sosial and happy dog. They are easy to teach, love to work and love being where the family is.  This dog loves being outside. It`s a smart dog, and he will find a solution if it`s necessary. A Lappdog usually like it when there is something happening during the weekdays. They don`t like to be bored. You allso need to be aware that this is a dog with a voice. And they know how to use it, some more, other less.

If you are interested in bying a puppie from us, we want you to write us a mail where you tell us about yourselfe, how you live, how the puppietime will be taken care of at your place, and how the adult dog will spend his days with you. What will you do with the dog when you are going on a hollyday, do you have small children or are you maby new at having a dog? Finally: What is the main purpose of the dog? Is he going to be an agillity dog, a search dog, a service dog, a familly dog, hunting dog, show dog, therapy dog or maby a herding dog? 

The more precise your mail is, the easyer it is for us to see if one of our puppies just may be right for you. 

You may wish for a collor or sex, but this is not our priority.